You are my new We the People team for next year.  I am so excited and thrilled you are taking We the People / AP Government for your senior year.  As I promised ,when I visited you a couple months ago in your US History classes, there is a required summer assignment for this class.  I have to give it to you to help you prepare for the competition in December 2019.  Your US History Teacher Dr. Mullins should be handing it out to you shortly.  Once we start in August we will be running against the clock to prepare, train and write speeches for the competition.  The summer assignment will help you get accustomed to the We the People book as well as the kind of projects that will be assigned to you.
If you would like to check out a We the People book, instead of reading it on my class website, please come see me in room 810. 

Below you will find the link to the summer assignment and a document that explains the We the People Program.  

What is We the People? 
Link to Summer Assignment
I also like to email my team from time to time, so please make sure you are checking your email in the summer.  

Thank you so much for taking my class, I look forward to seeing you in the future.  If you need anything or have questions please come see me or email me.  


Mrs. Pavlides